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The Evolution of Endodontics

Major Milestones Shaping Dentistry Endodontics is a type of dentistry that focuses on dental pulp and treating related infections. Throughout history, several milestones have shaped this specialized field of dentistry. Beginnings of True Endodontics The 19th century marked a pivotal period in the development of modern endodontics. In 1838, American dentist Edwin Maynard introduced the first […]

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Tooth Anatomy And Model

Apicoectomy: Root-End Surgery

When traditional root canal therapy isn’t enough to resolve persistent dental issues, endodontists may turn to apicoectomy (also known as root-end surgery) as an alternative treatment option. While less common than standard root canal procedures, apicoectomy is crucial in preserving natural teeth and restoring oral health. What is an Apicoectomy? Apicoectomy is a surgical procedure […]

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Woman Showing Her Healthy Smile

Healthy Smile, Healthy You!

How A Healthy Smile Impacts Overall Well-Being And How We’re Here to Help! A healthy smile is essential to non-verbal communication, but its impact goes beyond mere expression. As well as the aesthetic benefits, maintaining good dental health has profound implications for overall well-being. Let’s delve into the relationship between dental and general health, highlighting […]

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